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If you've missed the window of opportunity for a newborn shoot then don't worry! I often find that babies love being the center of attention at their photoshoot. Whatever age your baby is, they are always welcomed into the spotlight. If you're feeling brave, why not celebrate their first birthday with a cake-smash shoot...? Incredibly messy but extremely fun!!

NEWBORN 19.jpg

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in our hearts...

Bump-to-Baby photography captures your special journey from the late stages of your pregnancy to the arrival of the little one.


There's no denying that pregnancy isn't always a bundle of laughs. The sleepless nights, the back ache, the feeling of immobility...... But time and time again, we hear how women miss that bump once it's gone. We become accustomed to the sight, touch and feel of it and what better way to capture a lasting memory than some beautiful photographs?

And once the little one arrives, I can guarantee that you won't be able to wait to get your hands on some photos of your precious newborn baby. Babies change, grow and develop so quickly that they certainly aren't small for long. Newborn photography is always a heart-melter and serves as such a precious reminder of your child's first few days of life. I always try to keep newborn photoshoots within 14 days of birth so that your baby is still teenie tiny....

Bump-2-Baby Gallery

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