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Stretton Studios Contemporary Wedding Photography

Documentation: Many photographers now market themselves on offering a 'documentary' (otherwise knows as journalistic or reportage) style of photography, which has become increasingly popular over the years. What this refers to is a style of shooting which documents a wedding in an unobtrusive and discreet manner, with little to no intervention from the photographer. This style focuses mainly on candid shots and capturing events as they happen. Whilst not offering a purely documentary approach, Stretton Studio's contemporary style marries elements of discreet documentation with elements of a more traditional style, where more importance is put on the composing of photos such as those all-important family photos. A traditional approach leaves nothing to chance and was the style of choice for photographers before digital photography where each shot cost money; the price of film.

Maintaining tradition: Often tempted by the promise of natural-looking, unstaged photographs which capture the true magic and ambience of the wedding, traditional wedding photography styles may be overlooked. But at least in my eyes, I can't begin to describe the importance of those family photos which may not happen if everything is left down to chance and spontaneity. This is why I have mixed documentary and traditional wedding photography styles in a "contemporary" blend; to create imagery which is both natural, fun AND inclusive.

Completely Candid natural

shot with no intervention

from photographer

A posed wedding shot, where

the couple were directed by the

photographer how to stand,

where to stand and what to do

A photo which was initially

'posed' but then given a natural

twist  by allowing 'movement'

A Contemporary Approach: Also known as creative or modern photography, this style is inspired by editorial fashion photography and is characteristic of the work you see produced by Stretton Studios. The emphasis is on creating high impact, visually interesting and striking images. Although shots are set up, they are less formal and rigid than traditional styles - and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get people laughing and create some really fun group photos! What I love about this style is how it successfully captures the fun, laughter and emotion of the day by using both candid and posed photographic techniques. This approach is a safer guarantee for securing shots which may be important to you... Such as photos with Nan... Whilst making sure the images don't look forced or awkward but instead look fun, happy and show REAL smiles!

Post-Production: The work doesn't end once the wedding day is over - Stretton Studios offers a retouching service which comes included at no extra cost when a wedding package is booked. The studio has three professional retouchers who work on each individual image to make sure that it is carefully colour-balanced and perfectly polished off before it is delivered to the client. Retouching is more than just conventional 'editing' - it is editing and more. We don't just pop a filter on a bunch of photos - each photo is individually hand-crafted and edited using exclusive Adobe Software to make sure it is the best possible version it can be.

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